Hot Plate

Technicial Specifications

Specially designed for the heating and boiling of the flask and similar laboratory cabinets, the Heater Table offers a fixed plate temperature with gas thermostat control, adjustable from 50 to 350 ° C. Suitable for use on the table, easy to use. The heater elements are designed to completely heat up the surface of the table and ensure that it remains homogeneous. The temperature control unit is a digital microprocessor, which can be easily adjusted by the user if desired. On the front panel of the heating table, there are the light current switch, digitaltermostat unit and automatic lamp.

The working temperature of the heating table is 50 / 350'c and the desired temperature is set with digital thermostatic control system. It works with city trend. The insulation between the heating plate and the body is insulated with thermal insulation damper plate. The exterior is electro-static oven painted. 2 year manufacturer's warranty.